The title for this blog comes from a poem I wrote about our second pony . . .
Standing here alone
Beside your lonely resting place,
Listening to the birdsong
And the wind across open spaces,
I can't help but miss you
And wonder about yesterday.

Oh, my faithful special pony,
Do you hear me crying?
If you're listening, if you hear,
Once again come galloping
To my side like you always did
Back when it was yesterday.

Yesterday, when together we cantered across a field of green tie-die.
Yesterday, when together we won a ribbon the color of the sky.
Yesterday, that precious time, when we were together, you and I.

Memories are so special yet thoughts and feelings so quickly lost with time, and so we write them down . . . and that is the idea underlying the inspiration.

Yet, as I'm discovering the joy of writing down memories, I'm also discovering the importance of the present as well as the entrusting of the future to my God. And so, this blog has become more holistically about the past as well as the present and future: cherishing memories while learning to recognize God in the everyday and "laugh at the days to come" {Pr. 31:25}.

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