A Quiet Evening at Home

"There are more sounds, each of a settling sort: The hum of the refrigerator. The rhythmic, watery dishwasher muffle. The low rumble from a pot atop the woodstove [...]  The sounds are background and domestic, deepening the feeling that in this moment we—the family—are in communion despite our silence.

"Beyond that, I have no grand pronouncement. No grand conclusion. No charge to offer, no punchy quip or goof to drop. We cannot know what the morning will bring. I hope the sick child will feel better. I hope my wife will wake feeling deservedly rested. I hope decades from now the teenager will remember a comfort in this the most unassuming sort of evening.

"Joy is elusive, and joy is fleeting. And yet—and this may be the premise of a riddle—those who chase it rarely catch it. Perhaps it is best pursued in worn slippers and old chairs, and best experienced not in some jubilant instant, but rather the most unassuming hour."
      ~ excerpt from "Roughneck Grace" by Michael Perry (p. 6)

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