Visiting Grandma | 31 Days of Growing Up

My Grandma C moved to our town before my youngest siblings had even been born, so she could be close to us grandkids growing up. She was always interested and closely involved in our lives, and we still loved every chance we got to visit her.

For many years we had alternating afternoon "play dates" at Grandma's house. The boys went one day, the girls went another. We would play outside, play games, talk about school and activities, make coloring and art projects, and watch Mr. Roger's Neighborhood and Reading Rainbow on PBS. And Grandma always had a treat for us.

Grandmas always have snacks. And they are always glad to see you even if they're dozing in their recliner with the TV blaring in the background when you knock unexpectedly on the screen door. I think they have learned over the years not to worry about presentation or expectations, and rather to be present in the moment and make you feel right at home and welcome and loved.

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  1. This is so true. I am glad you had a wonderful GC with whom to spend so much time.