Up North | 31 Days of Growing Up

There was a frost advisory last night, and though we've had a mild fall with plenty of beautifully sunny, warmer-than-average days this year, I'm already feeling tempted to dread winter and, as every year, trying to stay positive! Of course, staying active and not becoming dormant during the winter months (especially where we live!) is one of the best antidotes to seasonal "blah". When our family moved up north for several years when I was about thirteen, we had some legitimately snowy winters and as a family we enjoyed many winter sports and activities. The house we moved to had acreage, both fields and woods, and a pond. During the winter, we put on our coats and mittens and played in the snow (and there was plenty of it), building snowmen and snow forts, and went cross country skiing in "the back forty", as dad would say. We rode our ponies, bareback to keep warm. We tramped out to the frozen pond, shoveled it off, and ice skated under a pale sky. We also went ice skating on free skate nights at the local rink. And every week we packed granola bars and hand warmers, drove about an hour to a ski resort, and went downhill skiing with other families from our homeschool group. For Christmas we all got ski goggles, and I still remember what a difference they made. We made the most of those winter months, and in general, in a variety of ways, and though it was a relatively short-lived move, there were many good (and some new) experiences and we have many good memories of that time in our lives.

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