Time and Technology | 31 Days of Growing Up

On my way home the other day, I passed a little girl pushing a toy stroller down the sidewalk, with who I imagine was her grandmother walking along behind her. It was an otherwise "ordinary" picture, except the grandma had her head down, looking at her smartphone.

It made me aware, again, of the different lifestyle of our family back when I was growing up. It was in large part simply a different time technologically. I still remember "car phones" and not until I was older did personal cell phones even start becoming popular. We never had TV and didn't watch many movies. But beyond that, my parents chose to spend time with us kids—and not just in the vicinity, but engaged and involved in our lives. And we spent time together as a family, too. People and relationships always took priority.

I try not to romanticize memories and "the good ol' days". But at the same time, no matter what era we're living in, there are always choices and priorities. And while we may not think twice about pulling out our phones and devices, we ought to think about what we may be sacrificing when we do. Because technology will always be around, but time with people is something we can't get back.

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