Though Memories Fade... | 31 Days of Growing Up

Today concludes my first Write 31 Days challenge.

I'll admit, it was a challenge. Writing about my growing up years for a month straight hasn't been as easy as I thought. I anticipated having plenty to write about, but at times it was difficult to come up with a topic or memory for the day's post. More often, I would start writing and realize I didn't actually remember a lot. I have memories, it seems like so many, but it turns out most are just sentences, not descriptive paragraphs. I was a little saddened by the details I had forgotten as years went by...

Yet, while I wish I remembered everything with clarity, I am glad for all that I do remember, even bits and pieces, and now especially glad for all the various scrapbooks, photo albums, home videos, journals, and folders of miscellaneous old documents, etc., that are glimpses back into those past years (and were great resources for this challenge, not to mention quite entertaining!).

Though the past inevitably fades with time, one thing will always be crystal clear: I'm so thankful to God for the memories, such good memories. And what fun to write them! It has been hard, hilarious, and humbling—an opportunity, between the lines, to remember how special my family is and how blessed I am.

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