The Obstacle Course | 31 Days of Growing Up

Speaking of creating our own fun...

Half of the basement in my childhood home was finished, and carpeted, with a metal support pole in the middle of the room and a homemade nook under the stairs. We had a variety of "stuff" downstairs, and sometimes we designed obstacles courses. They weren't quite as sophisticated as what was on the televised outdoor games we sometimes watched when we were at the lake house, but we competed just as seriously using the kitchen timer to see who was fastest.

We had a pile of big fake bricks that we used to outline corners. The plastic playhouse was perfect for going in and out through the door and windows, or climbing over the roof. We could shimmy up the pole in a heartbeat and slide down with a screech. At some point, the trapeze bar from the swing set in the backyard ended up hung from the ceiling in the basement, and we swung on that and launched ourselves up and over towers built with the bricks.

I don't remember every part of the courses we put together. I don't even remember who usually won. But I do remember it was fun.

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