Pets Over the Years | 31 Days of Growing Up

I guess most children have an interest in animals of some type at some point in their lives (even if eventually it's outgrown).

The first "pet" I remember was a wild toad we found somewhere in our backyard one summer. We named it Liffy. I'm not sure what Liffy thought of captivity, but she didn't have teeth or claws, so we weren't overly concerned. I don't even remember where we kept her. Once, we bought some crickets from the pet store to feed Liffy, but they ate through their paper bag on top of the refrigerator and escaped. At the end of summer, we buried Liffy hoping she would hibernate through the winter. Unfortunately I don't think she survived. ;)

In hindsight, we took great amusement in wild animals. If only for a few hours or days, we caught frogs and toads, salamanders, snakes, stray cats, and even a baby rabbit once, which we took turns holding while sitting in our inflatable kiddie pool in case it got away. But, apart from Liffy, I don't think any animals were harmed, not directly at least.

It wasn't until we were a few years older that we earned real pet ownership responsibilities...

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