Music | 31 Days of Growing Up

One of the things I'm most thankful for is how valued music was (and is) in my family.

Both my parents are very musical, both singing and playing multiple instruments, and we grew up under their influence, listening to a variety of music, watching musicals like The Sound of Music, singing for fun (as well as in choirs, church skits, and other activities), and learning to play an instrument (or two). We didn't always want to practice our instruments. Sometimes it was tedious, difficult, and not very pleasant to listen to, but we learned discipline and diligence along with musical skill and technique, and mastering song by song we became better musicians over the years. There were many concerts and recitals, competitions, special music in church and nursing homes, and jam sessions at home. Music was an important part of our education and upbringing overall, and I think for all of us it was also great fun and valuable on a personal level. I'm so proud of each of my siblings for their hard work and dedication, and their natural talent; they are all gifted, and music is just one area.

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