Let's Go on a Drive | 31 Days of Growing Up

We used to go on a lot of drives in our big van.

When we were really little (it's hardly a memory, probably even before we had the big van), my mom would buckle us all in and go garage sale-ing around the neighborhoods. But first, she would stop at Burger King and get us some Cini-Minis to share. I still remember those four mini cinnamon rolls with the pouch of icing to drizzle over the top as some of the best I've tasted. After a while, my mom phased out of weekly garage sale shopping. And Cini-Minis were discontinued.

For many, many years, my dad took all us kids on drives. This was both entertainment for us and time sans children for mom. Sometimes we went somewhere, to a park, to the fish hatchery, even to the beach on occasion in the summertime. Mostly we just drove without a destination, listening to the radio or our favorite CD at the time. But first, dad would get us a treat. Originally, we stopped at a gas station and all picked out our favorite flavor of Blow Pop suckers (or sometimes the giant Blow Pops). Later, these "gum runs" morphed into "shake runs" and we would drive-through a fast food restaurant and order chocolate shakes. After my grandma moved to town, we often picked her up to come with us; she was always up for spontaneity.

Maybe I spent more time in the car than other kids (I honestly cannot recall if we brought books to read or anything to do other than look out the window ...or talk, I suppose!) and maybe I consumed more sugar. But, I know we spent more time together than many families, in the car and otherwise, and that was a good thing.

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