Just Dance | 31 Days of Growing Up

I've lost count how many recitals we've all been in collectively. Most I'm sure are music-related, but there were quite a few dance recitals as well. I started dance consistently when I was six-years-old, and I took ballet, tap, and even some jazz classes for many years.

My sister was involved in dance, too, and we performed duets several times. When I was older, I transitioned to solo ballet, and also, my last year dancing at age twelve, group lessons for pointe work specifically.

We had multiple recitals each year, and for each of them our younger siblings were in the audience, albeit I think not always eagerly. I love the few pictures of them sitting in a row in the adult-size auditorium seats. Because even if they didn't necessarily want to be there and even if none of us knew it at the time, it meant a lot to have your whole family there to watch and cheer you on, and over the years to have their support no matter the endeavor.

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