Curls | 31 Days of Growing Up

Sooner or later, every child becomes aware of the concept of beauty.

I can't pinpoint when I started thinking about how I looked, what my hair was like, what clothes I had. But I have always liked curling my naturally very-straight hair. My mom often did my sister's and my hair, and early on, she would french braid it after we took baths before going to bed; in the morning, we let our hair out and smoothed through the waves. When we were a little older we got foam curlers and wrapped sections of towel dry hair, and then winced as we lay down on our pillows and tried to find a comfortable position to sleep; the curlers provided a somewhat more consistent curl, without the straight ends left at the end of a braid and less uncurled at the roots.

While my mom helped us curl our hair, I don't remember her ever mentioning it looking better that way, or any particular way. She taught us how to brush our hair into a ponytail by ourselves, and how to respect and care about our bodies and appearance, but most importantly, that we are beautiful just the way God made us.

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