Catch | 31 Days of Growing Up

I didn't realize for a long time how abnormal it was my dad spent so much time with his family. After working long, hectic days, he came home and played (and helped with homework). If you could rank phrases by frequency, "Want to go have a catch?" would be near the top of the list in our house. While my mom and the girls participated at times and in various seasons (growing up in a big family, we had quite the team!), this was primarily a "guys'" activity, out in the front yard. Dad would throw back and forth with the boys, and then toss a baseball up over his head to himself, swing the bat, and hit line drives and grounders and high fly balls, and sometimes he pitched and the boys practiced batting or catching. All the while he shouted out advice and encouragement. As the boys went on to play on various sports teams, my dad went to as many games as he could. (My mom and the rest of us used to love going and watching, too. And I still get a little nostalgic whenever we drive by a Little League game.) Those hours playing catch, and all the other ways my parents were involved teaching us various skills while we were young, helped us learn the rules of the game, and to have a good attitude, in sports and in life.

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