Good Morning, 2015

This morning the sun shines, and a new year dawns.

With New Years comes all the inevitable resolutions, and I've seen and heard this year already all about the resolutions, and oh how clearly we know deep down how long those ever last most times, how sometimes the hardest person to keep a promise to is yourself.

So this morning I squint in the sun, shining this day's dawn as it does faithfully every day, and I'm thinking of God's faithfulness every day and wanting {or at least wanting to want} to be faithful in return—faithful in how I live, in the big and the small, the momentous and the mundane, in the whole of life, as unto the Lord.

It's easier said than done, like a lot of things, easier to type out in a few seconds than live out in a day. But isn't life worth the effort to make it worthwhile, to make every day count, and to allow God to redeem our whole lives for His purposes and glory?

And what if we left it uncomplicated like that: to allow God to be God, and to live in light of who He is, and to keep Him first to keep everything else in perspective.

So here's to a New Years Resolution simply to start every new day with the same resolve as on New Years Day to live today for Him, to live a Joshua 24:15 day.

But as for me -and my household- we will serve the Lord.

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