Never Minimize "Small"

Last week I stressed over something all day, until that evening I heard there actually was no reason to be concerned.

It made me think about a few times lately when I did the same thing, worrying about something that always in the end turned out fine, and always was something "small" and not worth getting myself worked into a fret over.

I realized that in all those situations, I hadn't thought to pray about things. I also realized that, not that my first response to more significant concerns is always to pray, but my tendency especially in the day to day ordinary is to worry and not pray, and sometimes not pray at all, maybe because all the small things seem so fleeting and insignificant.

As I have been thinking about these recent "worries", God put just a few small words in my head:

If it's big enough to worry about, it's not too small to pray about.

Because there is nothing too small or "not spiritual enough" to pray about. Plus, all the things that I might downplay as "little" are the things that start adding up and become wedges of stress and irritation and temptation that divide relationships and choke out joy and peace. And if I think it's "bothering" God or that He doesn't have time or it is "wasting" a prayer, I'm really underestimating God, putting Him in a box, and missing out on peace and Life because of my small view of Him. God wants us to pray about everything, in fact He told us to, and He listens. So, knowing all this, why wouldn't I pray about everything?!

Because he bends down to listen,
I will pray as long as I have breath!
      ~ Psalm 116:2, NLT [emphasis mine] 

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