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Someone and I are reading through the Gospels as we count down the days till we leave for Israel.

And there is always a crowd around Jesus.

People crowded to Him, and to be healed by Him. Though He "commanded" the people not to tell anyone, they kept talking.

People were overwhelmed with amazement.
      ~ Mark 7:37

In all the crowds who witnessed Jesus and His miracles and couldn't keep silent, there were undoubtedly many who were overwhelmed only by the miracles, simply clamoring over the latest "fad". But there were also undoubtedly many others who were genuinely amazed, who truly grasped the reality of Messiah and the good news.

And I want to be genuinely overwhelmed with amazement, too, and eager to proclaim Christ {especially as we are now commanded to tell all the nations of the Gospel}—whether a crowd, or one.


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  1. Don't we all want to be overwhelmed with feelings of goodness and limitless joy?