When It Doesn't Sound Convincing

Our church streamed live the Ken Ham/Bill Nye debate {"Is creation a viable model of origins in today's modern, scientific era?"} on Tuesday night, and we went and watched.

I left disappointed, hoping Ham would pack a more scientific-evidence punch in two and a half hours than he did. I grant that Ham did made a strong case that, among others, Christian and scientist are not mutually exclusive terms, that interpretations of evidence are shaped by worldview, and that the basis for his, and many Christian's, beliefs is the authority of God and the Bible. Yet, Ham seemed to skirt around many scientific matters, sometimes raise more questions than give answers especially at perfect opportunities to give an answer, and ultimately appeal to "because the Bible says so" or "because God is infinite". Not that I do not agree {or do not agree in Ham's points in general}, but, though I'm not an astute scientist or remember even half of what I've read and heard, I know there is hardcore evidence for Creation out there, and this debate seemed the perfect vehicle for making a strong scientific case for the True origin of life, and in my opinion Ham seemed to flounder.

Needless to say, there was a lot of discussion between someone and me until we fell asleep.

The next morning as I was praying, something I had read sometime in the new year came to mind and lodged there.

"I don’t think God needs any of us to defend Him …we are here to represent Him."

And I started to think about the implications of this.

Even when it comes to science, God is and Truth is truth whether or not the audience is persuaded. This is not to say that I no longer think that Creation, and the scientific evidence for Creation, can and should be defended as a viable model of origins, or that I don't think we should be able to give rational, knowledgable answers for the hope that we have, the existence of God, and the validity of the Bible, but none of the facts rely on our proof to be true; the origin of life will always be Creation and God will always exist and the Bible will always be the authoritative Word of God.  

Yet, though we may not always sound convincing to skeptical, doubtful listeners, we must aim to always represent God accurately in how we speak and live. Because the heavens and all of creation declares the glory of God and points to His existence, but mankind alone declares God Himself because we are the only beings created in God's image. And when believers reflect His image and represent Him to a watching world, we are the greatest evidence of all.

Ken Ham may not have presented enough scientific evidence for my liking, but what he did say was not only calm and respectful but also thoughtful and unapologetic in regard to the authority of Scripture, the power and supremacy of God, and the clear presentation of the "seven C's" of history, including, several times, the Gospel itself. And perhaps there was someone watching the debate who needed to hear not about science but about saving grace.

Because even when it doesn't sound convincing in our minds, God can convince and change hearts.

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