When You Look Back and See God

Nothing happened according to our timetable.

A beloved husband, father, and grandpa went to his eternal home just weeks after doctors said he had only three or four months. When they pulled the life support, his heart kept beating several days after doctors said it would be only minutes, maybe hours.

We thought we'd have the chance to visit one more time in the next few months; instead we made the trip over the weekend for a funeral. But everyone was able to go, and be together, and there's a new picture of all the grandchildren and their grandma.

We drove back home, blown by Winter Storm Ion, and worn thin more than we realized. It was late by the time someone and I started on the last hour of the trip back to our house, and when we got home, the driveway had been snow blowed by our neighbor and the drifts were taller than the car.

I woke up on Monday feeling as drained and scatterbrained as I'd fallen asleep, and then I happened across an email sent the night before by my new boss who wanted me to be safe and to postpone my start date, and for some reason it didn't show up in the inbox and I only found it because I was looking in the all-mail folder for another email I'd accidentally archived. And I just about cried when I read it, and re-read it, because I realized, with relief, how much I needed that day, that time. And God knew even though I didn't.

He knew the days ordained, and the time and seconds, and the ushering of one of His children from the pain and cancer of this life into Glory.

He knew the Timing and the details and the day it would work out for every single person and the grace He gave in the midst of grief.

He knew the heartache and the comfort of Hope.

He knew the weather, the storm, the roads, and the guardian angels.

He knew the exhaustion and emotions, and every tear, and a simple email.

God knew.

Everything happened according to His plan.

And now I see.

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*So, I wrote this {above, exactly as is}, in a little longer than five minutes maybe, yesterday {republished today} without any idea what Five Minute Friday's prompt would be . . . and was I sweetly surprised when I saw today's word: see. Wow? Because God is just showing me over and over that He knows and He knows best and is always, always working all things for good.

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  1. praying that His peace comfort all who mourn and that He continue to give you His vision