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One of the things that most often majorly annoys me? My hair.

In this country, hair is such a visible and flaunted aspect of being a woman, and there are clearly standards of beauty to which we compare our own hair. A lot of mornings I feel like pulling out my hair, or cutting it all off, because it doesn't look beautiful like a Pantene commercial: my hair is the straightest, thinnest, finest hair ever.

But this morning I was doing my hair, and it suddenly struck me that for every frustration I have with it not being voluminous or wavy enough or too dirty blonde, there are girls and women who would probably give a lot to have my hair, to have my gripes about my hair, to just have hair, because theirs has fallen out.

And these women fight heroically day by day against the cancer in their bodies and the message that beauty is external. They are beautiful, without hair.

The rest of us, we're beautiful too, with hair—even flat, dull hair. And we can and should fight day by day, too, to keep things in perspective, because there really aren't bad hair days when we're thankful to just have hair.


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  1. Kelly,

    You can not be more spot on!

    I am not a fan of my hair either. I figured out long ago that there are people out there that go to many lengths to have hair at all.

    Great post!

  2. first - Kelly, I am SO sorry I didn't stop by on Friday when I was supposed to :( I dropped the ball and I apologize.

    second - your post really resonated with me. really. about hair. I donated mine to Locks of Love 14 months ago for the 2nd time in honor of a dear friend that I promised I would grow out my hair til she beat cancer. Thank God she's in remission. every day my hair reminds me of that. I cover my gray instead of lightening its neighbors so that if I ever decide to donate again, it's healthy.

    Here's to hair ... and our freedom to choose whether we keep it or give it away ... <3

    (and again, my apologies for not stopping by on Friday - but I'm so glad I stopped by on World Cancer Day, because your post is very fitting for it :) )

    1. Maryn, what a delightful surprise to get your comment today! Thank you for stopping by, and for your kind words.