"All Heaven Will Break Loose"

What is the Key to World Evangelism?

The answer is argued within the newly-published "All Heaven Will Break Loose" by Joy Dawson, an Internationally respected Bible teacher and author. Though a relatively short book, it does not come up short in terms of relevant content, the main premise being "the greatest key to reaching more souls so they will come into Christ's Kingdom is in His disciples operating in Trinity unity" (37) {sneak peak: read the first 31 pages}.

From the back cover:

All heaven will break loose when God's glory is on display among His people--to the degree that unbelievers will say, "Wow! This is something else . . . and we want it!"
So what releases God's glory in this dimension?

When we understand--and live out--the unity Jesus prayed for in John 17:21-22.

I was intrigued by the cover text of "All Heaven Will Break Loose", but I had never before heard of Joy Dawson and wasn't sure what to expect when I started reading. While the author strikes me as more charismatic than me and I found some of her personal stories just a bit "out there" {and had to remind myself that God works in ways beyond my comprehension including in others' experiences}, I thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated Dawson's down-to-earth humility and giving God all the glory, her conversational writing style with interesting stories and examples, and the Bible-based case presented for not only the significance but also the practical how-to of believers working together in unity based on the characteristics of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit's unity.

I appreciated Dawson's mindset that "evangelism was not intended as an event, but as a way of life" (100). She describes Jesus' life and teaching, stating that "to become fishers of men, we need to go fishing where the fish are, and they are out there in the marketplace. It means going out and gossiping the Gospel." On another note, Dawson points out the stepping stones of operating in Trinity unity: "We are only as strong as we are united. We are only as united as we are loving. We are only as loving as we are humble" (109). And underlying everything, even the importance of reaching the lost, is the superseding importance of "for God's glory", which is a valuable reminder no matter the content or the audience.

"All Heaven Will Break Loose" is a timely, practical book for Christians in all walks of life and all spiritual "ages". Whether or not one agrees that Trinity unity is "the key" to world evangelism as Dawson argues, there is great significance in believers simply living, working, and loving "in harmony", and there are many good truths and teachings to this end. I recommend "All Heaven Will Break Loose" for any believer interested in a thought-provoking, challenging book that will provide Biblical teaching and practical insight on unity among the Body of Christ.

Disclaimer: This book was received for free from Chosen, a division of Baker Publishing Group, in exchange for my review.

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