When Love Came Down

The world is a winter wonderland today, on this day before Christmas Eve . . . big fluffy snowflakes are softly falling, and every tree branch and leaf and fence and power line is covered in a sheet of ice and now blanketed with snow.

I baked Christmas cookies this morning, and then went on a quick shopping trip, partly to grab a few staples to tide us over till the new year, partly because I knew the store would be packed and I love being in the midst of the hustle and bustle when you can feel the pulse of excitement. Now I have Christmas songs playing on the radio and soon will make pies to bring to our family Christmases. The presents are wrapped and waiting. Christmas cards are mailed. This is someone's last day of work before a few days of holiday, and he'll be home in just a few hours.

Everything is so idyllic, full of wintry stillness and Christmas spirit.

It's easy to stop there, with the picturesque snow and heavenly aromas from freshly baked cookies and beautiful memories with families together again.

It's all good, but it could describe any holiday, really.

Because the real meaning of Christmas is in a dusty, dirty, smelly, lonely stable two thousand years ago when Christ came to us.

The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel (which means “God with us”).
      ~ Matthew 1:23

God could have written more explanations, more information, more words in letters and books, to try and describe who He is or give us a better understanding. But He knew we with our finite minds would never be able to fathom Him, so He sent us His Son so we would be able to know Him.

The real grace of Christmas is that God didn't give us more knowledge, He gave us Himself.


Wishing you a very blessed, joy-filled Christmas!

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