In A Heartbeat

I've heard a Christmas song on the radio this month; it is unfamiliar to me but I've come to recognize the first few phrases especially.

Wish that I was there
on that silent night
When Your tiny heart
started beating for mine
      ~ Josh Wilson, "Jesus Is Alive"

This gives me pause every time I hear it.

And I was thinking of these lyrics when I read the story Max Lucado tells in the first chapter of his book "Grace".

In 2010, when Tara Storch's thirteen-year-old daughter, Taylor, was tragically killed in a skiing accident, Tara and her husband, Todd, decided to donate their little girl's organs. Taylor's heart was given to Patricia Winters, and Tara's one request was to hear the heart of her daughter. They flew to Patricia's home, and she handed them a stethoscope . . .

When they listened to the healthy rhythm, whose heart did they hear? Did they not hear the still-beating heart of their daughter? It indwells a different body, but the heart is the heart of their child. And when God hears your heart, does he not hear the still-beating heart of his Son? (pg. 9, emphasis added)

The tiny heart of the baby Jesus, born on that silent night, that beats for the world, that would one day stop beating long enough to be the atoning sacrifice and then three days later start beating again through the power of God, is the new heart in every believer.

"I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you."
      ~ Ezekiel 36:26

By grace, we receive the righteousness of Christ, and His heart, though it "indwells a different body".

And in a heartbeat, God knows the rhythm of the redeemed.

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