With Nowhere to Hide

Some things just hurt.

Sometimes you don't even know why but you can feel it breaking you heart deep.

Sometimes when you least expected but would you have ever been prepared you don't know.

Sometimes you can't run away and there's no place to hide.

You pray to keep it together just another minute, and another minute more.

But this wrecks you.

And you feel dust. You are just dust, and who are you really you don't know. But you know dust can ache somehow. Weak heart beats and frail lungs fill with air and collapse with ache. And tears come and breathing comes hard.

There are no easy answers, no band-aids.

The only thing to do is pray and try to believe what He says about prayer and what He thinks of you.


  1. yes, yes ... and in those broken places, He gathers us in His arms and holds us close. and we begin to realize that it's His love, His opinion, His thoughts that matter most.

    be comforted ...

    1. Linda, thank you . . . thinking on Isaiah 40 "He tends His flock like a shepherd: He gathers the lambs in his arms and carries them close to His heart..."