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It was my first bike, hidden in the neighbor's garage until my fifth birthday and a surprised squeal.

I learned to peddle on that bright red, banana seat bike.

There were streamers on the handlebars and beads on the wheel spokes, dropping with gravity at every rotation of tires and passing of time.

I went far on that bike, up and down the roads drawn with chalk on the driveway, in and out of the Oaks in the front yard, late into the evening.

I rode that bike till the brakes stopped working and even then I kept right on peddling.


{Nothing profound or poetic on this prompt today. :) Just simple memories that come to mind of times gone by, and thankfulness for those growing up years, and realization yet again of how incredibly blessed I am with the family God placed me in.}

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  1. Every child should remember their first bike! My only memory is getting my childhood friend's foot stuck in the spokes when I was learning to ride without the training wheels. Do visit

  2. Remembering what it felt like to ride a bike and not fall, is still a wonderful memory. Thanks for sharing yours. :-) Stopping by from FMF.