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It could be considered an eerie coincidence, but I think it's more a God moment — that a year ago, almost to the date, I wrote this post, "Mercy".

I imagine someone reading the manuscript of my life. My mind wanders so quickly, and so does my heart; I know there would be the thought, why didn't she learn?

I stop and think, today as I did then, of how this weak heart and flesh of me wanders, time after time.

I myself wonder, will I ever learn? Will I always feel as if I can barely walk the straight and narrow for a month, a week, a day before finding my feet entangled in weeds along the side of the path, and finding my mind caught up in things of this world?

Little things, little lies, little toe-stubbing rocks that can weigh just as heavy and pull just as hard as any boulder.

Subconsciously I know I flip open my computer way too many times in the day, despite the fact that it is used healthily for many things like job apps and staying in touch via email. I have fought against tinges of jealousy of homes that are more nicely decorated or have a few more comfy chairs, despite loving the simplicity of our home. I have struggled on and off with self image, despite knowing I am loved by my husband and called beautiful by my Maker. Even this week I have been tempted to fret and worry, despite knowing God is peace in the in between of right now, the waiting for the what's-next.

And then, this morning I re-read words from a year ago:

And I'm thankful God rescues today as He did thousands of years ago, that He is patient with His children . . . though our minds have such short attention spans that so easily lose focus of Him, though we have such a difficult time learning to sit still and not grow restless from the cares of this world, though we don't always show much resemblance to Him even if we so badly want to grow up to be like our Dad.

God is full of mercy, no matter how easily we take that for granted.

And I stop and think, again and again and again, as many times as it takes, today and the next day and the next, that God is full of mercy this year as He was last year, and always.


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  1. Visiting from FMF. What a simple but beautiful place you have here. I love what you have shared today and I'm happy God led me here. I could truly identify with what you wrote as though you were speaking right to my heart! I've got goosebumps over all these fabulous posts on Mercy today. God bless!