For Those Times You Leave Your Zipper Down

I came home from dropping off four boxes of plastic, paper, and flattened cardboard at the community recycling center, grocery shopping for a few staples, and running into someone from church at the store, and I realized the zipper on my shorts wasn't zipped.

Sometimes I don't have it all together.

Sometimes I walk around in public with my shorts unzipped, and forget to add butter in my waffle batter, and leave the gas cap on the side of the truck bed and drive off from the gas station, and put the cereal box in the fridge . . .

There are times, or entire days, when life seems to barrel past and you don't quite keep up, and you feel a tinge of inadequacy because there's not that much at this point to keep all together, and you wonder that you haven't burned the house down yet for some of the ridiculous mistakes you've made.

And those are the times when you wonder awe-struck that you haven't found the limit of grace yet, and really remember that there is no limit to an infinite God, and He always loves and gives good gifts and is always full of grace.

Those are the times when you understand that even when our lives, or ourselves, feel like one big, bumbling mess, God takes the pieces every time we come apart and keeps right on shaping and molding and changing.

Those are the times when you realize it's okay to not always have it all together because God always holds you together.

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