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Once upon a time there was a little girl.

She had loving, Christian parents who stuck together through thick and thin and came unglued only when they just had to laugh at something one of their six children said or did. She had all younger siblings and played house in the basement and Cowboys and Indians in the backyard, and when they weren't playing they were reading schoolbooks and storybooks.

She grew up listening to Bible verses and anticipating snacks in Sunday school and knowing about Heaven and Hell, but she didn't have a toddler conversion and instead wondered if it could all be true or just stories her parents believed.

She was only eleven when her mom's car accident left the whole family shaken to the core, and somehow the response from church and friends revealed what theological discussions couldn't, and suddenly God's people proved that He was real. Skepticism was convinced by God's love evidenced. And on Christmas Eve, she became part of the body and part of His story.

God took her life and started shaping and molding, calling back and reshaping with every rebellious drift. There were imperfections and doubting, but there was more grace, and with time she began to understand the following and walking in the Word. She learned more and more to open her heart and mind to what was written, what was already planned.

With each passing day, she is continually amazed at the joy and life God gives. She counts gifts. She writes memories, and stories, and prayers. She keeps learning what it means to walk as Jesus did, to be changed, transformed, whole-hearted.


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  1. This is beautiful with an air of hauntingness. Lovely writing!

  2. Love that you saw the real of God's love that was undeniable. This is a story that is growing everyday in so many of us. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Wow, very well written. It is one thing to say what we believe and yet another to see that belief being demonstrated by ourselves and others. Thanks for this great story! I also like your Ronald Reagan quote!

    So glad I stopped by via FMF! Pati