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After last week at work, feeling like things ended on a bad note, I wasn't exactly looking forward to Monday. I didn't know what had taken place on my days off or whether things would be any better, or worse. Walking into the store, I wasn't greeted with the usual cheerful good mornings, and several people didn't seem their usual cheerful selves, either. Great, I thought, and I felt a begrudging tentativeness seep into my attitude.

The day didn't go badly, but it wasn't "normal"; there wasn't the usual camaraderie and teamwork among coworkers. I was working in a bubble, or so it seemed, and I realized after awhile that it was probably partially my own fault that people weren't being friendly. Deep down I knew I was somehow reflecting my heart's attitude of anger at the immaturity I saw in people.

Tuesday, I decided to let go of what I was holding against certain coworkers, and I came into work trying to remember to smile and at least say good morning to each person, whether or not they said it to me first. Somehow that made all the difference, and the day went smoothly, and Wednesday went normally.

Sometimes the antithesis of lonely is forgiveness.


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  1. I'm dropping in from Five-Minute Friday--and I'm so glad I did! I never thought about loneliness because a symptom of an unforgiving attitude. You've given me something to think about.