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Time is ingrained in us, and we so often mark out our lives by lasts, those stillshots in time that embody the span of years past.

The last day before you turn double-digits.

The last time your family was together, normal, before the accident.

The last time you doubted before God showed you He is real.

The last year of high school.

The last year of college.

The last entire-family vacation over spring break.

The last day at a job.

The last lingering parting the night before your wedding.

The last time you saw your brothers before they left for boot camp.

The last day as newlyweds before your first anniversary.

The last day of fall before the snow flies.

And yet, those moments are not just endings, they are also beginnings. When one thing, one event, one season comes to an end, there are new things, new experiences, a new season in life to come. For each last there is a first. Every culmination is also a commencement.


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  1. Thinking along the same lines today. Hopping over from Five Minute Friday.
    You said it so well.

  2. Every culmination is also a commencement.
    I LOVE this line, Kelly.
    It's so true and so overlooked.
    I really love your take on this prompt. (It was a hard one for me.)

  3. I love this! Very poetic and true.

  4. Thanks for sharing, lovely.