{First} Anniversary

Today is our first anniversary, and there really is no coherent way of writing all that goes through my head and heart when I wonder what, and how, to write about this first year.

There are the usual things, like opening a joint bank account and buying our first house and finding a new church and taking our first summer vacation, and even the unusual, like not having a TV and traveling to Singapore on two week's notice.

There is the truth of things everyone tells you, like marriage forcing two people to confront selfishness and imperfections. And there are things you don't hear, like how the status of "married" can seemingly alienate you from friends you never expected to grow distant, and how that first Christmas can be painfully quiet.

But then there are all the little things, all the moments of 365 days, living and breathing together and falling asleep next to each other every night, and being overwhelmed by all the ways he lives love every day.

And the small steps growing and maturing, and how patient he is always even when I'm more emotional than I thought sometimes, and encouraging and praying together. And the relationships with others that hold strong and deepen and help you not feel as much of a stranger in your own skin.

And a love for each other that somehow is stronger than it was a year ago, a love that you couldn't even comprehend before this year.

There is something so special, sacred, and indescribable about being married to a man who loves you in such a way that you can grasp a little more fully how much God loves you.

And that has really been the best thing.

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