The littlest things make the biggest difference.

I have realized that yet again this week.

The last two days at work have not gone well; coworkers have been on edge, and things haven't been pretty. Getting snapped at and blamed has left me feeling frustrated, not to mention feeling not quite on top of things overall this week.

My pen was missing, and I only asked if it was around but the girl's response made it sound like I'd just cussed her out. And then a guy who I work pretty closely with {he makes sandwiches and I bake the ingredients} came up behind me, asked "is this what you're looking for?" and didn't mind the tears hot in my eyes and handed me a pen he'd just went and found, and went back to work.

It was just a pen, but it was just enough to let me know he noticed, and understood, and you're okay.

And after a really long day and not getting to the pile of dishes, the girl taking over when I left wondered how the morning went. I told her it was rough and ugly and I still felt harried but I would be alright. She asked, "Are you sure?"

It was just a question, not a consolation or pity but just simple, and in those few words I heard it's okay to not be "fine", to feel beaten when you have been; you don't have to pretend, because I've been there and I understand.

It caught me off guard, how it was the small gesture of kindness {if you notice}, and the question inviting honesty {if you're willing to hear}, that meant most when I was feeling least of all.

You don't have to make up something profound to make someone's day.

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