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It's being completely comfortable when no one's talking.
Knowing what someone's going to say before they say it.

It's laughter carrying on even when something wasn't that funny.
And words continuing, forgiving what shouldn't have been said at all.

It's knowing favorite shirts and pet peeves and the amount of milk in a cereal bowl.
Quoting movies and singing lines from Country songs.
Staying up late talking nonsense when sleep won't come.

It's waking up and leaving the hair and not having to impress anyone.
Not having to look perfect to be accepted.
And not having to be perfect to be loved.

And it's okay to burp outloud.


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  1. I love the line "staying up late talking nonsense when sleep won't come" those are the best times

  2. Thank you, Kelly, for these wonderful examples of belonging.
    These all point me to the truth that belonging is also about being known.
    What a gift it is to be known - to belong!


  3. You've painted a wonderful picture with your words. I can see exactly where I am and who I'm with when I put myself in this place you've described. thank you!