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Every part of life is rhythm.

From the waking up to the morning beauty routine to the Bible opened to crinkled pages and needy hearts to the every day breakfast and hurrying for work to the coming home and sitting down for supper around the family table to the evening walks hand in hand and on the couch side by side to the whispering good night, I love you.

Yet, between all the daily, God is. He is with us, watching over us, providing, blessing, giving grace.

Sometimes only a small change in the day to day rhythm results in a noticeable difference. And the more we include spiritual disciplines, sacred rhythms, in the midst of all the ordinary routines and schedules and appointments, the more we see clearly, in perspective, through His eyes, and with His mind.

Every aspect of us and of our life is effected for His glory when we fix our eyes on Him and arrange our lives to follow Him.


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  1. yes, my friend, to sacred rhythms, that divine connection, the solitude and silence. for out of that holy place, everything in our days falls into place ...