{Memorial} Day

It was Memorial Day a week ago.

It came and went quietly, and a billboard with hot dogs and hamburgers depicting an American flag with some sort of happy memorial day message and a self storage sign that read "Honor Our Soldiers" seemed to typify the extent of this country's commemoration.

But we will never forget, because you, men and women we've never met who gave lives for this country, are the reason for the freedom we presently enjoy.

Granted, the day came and went quietly in our home. No ceremonies and not even a parade.

Really, only the thought of a brother, onto his second week of Marine boot camp, far away west.

Things change when it's your brother, and a second brother soon to ship out in a few months, even though you've heard stories for years of the great uncle, a fighter pilot in WWII, one of the soldiers whose family never welcomed back home.

It was Memorial Day, and I remembered my brother this year. I wasn't the only one thinking of him and praying for him that day, and each day; his family and many others remember.

We will never forget.

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