{Fathers} Day

A few weeks ago, sitting in the ophthalmology office waiting room, I picked up an issue of Parenting magazine because a cover article title caught my eye {no pun intended}. I wondered, what advice are people hearing nowadays when it comes to "How to Raise a Man"? Flipping to the page, I read the summary: "Yes, boys wrestle, get muddy and play with trucks. But shifting gender roles are shaping a new 21st-century man. Here's how to raise sons to be modern men." As I skimmed the article, I was increasingly disappointed {and disgusted} and somewhat surprised, though I realized I shouldn't have been in the least.

Statistics noted in the article show that more than fifty percent of women are the "breadwinners" for their families, yet, while there is nothing inherently wrong with women working, Biblically, men have the responsibility to be the providers. And there are plenty of women who "wear the pants", not just in regard to income, when men have the responsibility to be head of the home, to be strong leaders and protectors not only in life and well-being but also spiritually.

Though society has created a new definition of "modern men", this is far from the right and Biblical definition of a real man, whose responsibility, and God-given role, is to lead, protect, and provide for his family.

Albeit correlation does not mean causation, sadly, as the number of stay-at-home dads has been increasing, the number of men who embrace and exemplify Biblical manhood seems to be decreasing. Understanding this makes me all the more blessed to know so many Godly men.

I am especially thankful for my dad, who learned what it meant to be a Godly man even though he didn't have a role model himself, who led and loved his family in ways I didn't even realize till I was old enough to look back on all the early morning devotions with half-hearted children, and consequences and "deprivations", and playing catch in the backyard.

Happy Father's Day. Thanks for always loving me so much I never needed to search for love from anybody else, for making sure I always knew how much God loves me, and for nothing changing even though I'm all "grown up" and married now.

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