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I think often of how the world views me, and the family and home my husband and I are building.

Do they notice a difference?

What does it mean to live in such a way that my lifestyle is noticeably different than those around me?

Like so many aspects of Christian living, it stems from pursuit of God, and godliness, which ultimately boils down to the heart.

I can't focus on the living itself, because that potentially can and often does lead to merely a contest for external looks.

Instead, I need to focus on Christ and living in such a way that my lifestyle reflects a changed heart, one desiring to be like Christ's.

This I "get".

What eludes me, and what I wish to learn, is how to practically develop and live out that different, God-glorifying life.



  1. There is much wisdom in the words "love God and do as you please."

    Yes, love God and neighbor- that is enough, and rules tend to distract us...

    but sometimes, I still would just like a checklist!

  2. Very true and insightful. I would love for people to see God in me as an outpouring of what's going on inside rather than a conjured up image of my "goodness". Thanks so much! - Your FMF Friend

  3. Dear Kelly
    When I wrestled with that question, I came across the little book of Brother Lawrence, The Practice of The Presence of God! It helped me so much. I think in the end it just bouls down to asking your Lord Jesus to live His life in and theough you. Then you get out of the way and allow Him to do so.
    Much love from FMF