start ~


It's what I need right now.

Facing a decision without a truly right or wrong answer, with words and words encouraging this not that and that not this, and nearly for sure deciding one thing only to have a mental hiccup of what-if wreck all the definitiveness, and having it all weigh so heavy that you feel like a grey, cloudy day . . .

And not liking at all being in another one of those situations when you really, really wish someone, or Someone, would just tell you what to do.

There isn't a deadline for deciding. Yet, deep down you know it can't be put off much longer; fear can't hold you off forever, or there will never be peace of mind.

I know God is the Comforter, but there are times that means little more than the black letters in a row, even though that seems so un-trusting to say.

God, I know You know. I understand You are in control. Please guide my thoughts to Your truth, to think on pure and lovely, to not dwell on what-ifs, to know what to do. I don't know.



  1. Hello Kelly!
    I can relate to what you shared here in a personal way. I, too, wish that I could get orders from Someone! Comfort is a funny thing sometimes, we want it when we hurt, but I think God ultimately comes when He sees we'll appreciate it and accept it enough- and of course, He gets the glory for coming through with comfort.

  2. Hi Kelly~
    I'll be praying for you, that the choice you need to make is clearly drawn out, and that once made, you will be at peace!!Blessings to you!