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Here is the light brown couch in our living room.

There is no other furniture, but there is open space to sprawl on the floor, and board games still not put away from the last visit and boys cross-legged in a circle.

Sometimes I wish for chairs and recliners for guests.

But Jesus didn't care whether He was comfortable. He lived close to the sick and the lame and the broken, close to us. He touched us. He loved us. Because He knew it wasn't about the material.

May we live among people with the same love, caring for them, not where they sit.



  1. I can relate to you! That is so true, Jesus didn't care about comfort, but about people. He cared for them and not where they sit. Blessings to you today!!!

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  3. Hi Kelly - I love the vision of a Jesus who didn't care for creature comforts but maybe more so love the vision of the boys sitting in a circle playing games - the family - the community - the love. Thanks for sharing this today!