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I'm still getting over a bad cold that's lingered longer than a week now. But it's been intertwined with moments of grace, and friendship, all these days.

Remembering all the times growing up, when parents cared for children through illness and loved them back to health, tucking in the covers. All the spoonfuls of medicine forced down throats, the glasses of water and soda crackers, and holding back strands of hair of a little girl bent over the toilet.

And a phone call last week to figure out another day to get together and hearing an "it's okay, you should go take a nap".

And not getting to the weekly cleaning the bathroom or vacuuming, and not wearing make-up, and curled on the couch with half a voice . . . and someone thinking I'm beautiful and loving in sickness.

Friends who love God's love and speak truth and don't mind the messy hair.