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No matter how hard I try to enjoy each season, I can never wait for winter to give way to springtime.

I am so ready for green, and colorful wildflowers, and bright blue water shimmering in sunlight
after colorless white and deathly still ice,

for sunshine warming to the bone, and breezes blowing through leaves, and even sweat
after shivering in chilling wind and driving miles before the engine warms up,

for birds flocking in the sky and singing the day away, and lawnmowers humming, and the smell of cut grass and barbeques
after almost unnatural, suspicious quietness.

I am ready for spring, and summer after.



  1. I love this so much! The imagery is fabulous! I live in the mountains, and I can actually see snow on the ground from where I am sitting. In April. I am so ready for spring as well!! I think it's about time it showed up! (: Thank you for sharing this today!!

  2. Your words make me even more ready for spring! Lovely!