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I have been feeling broken this week, feeling the roller coaster of emotions that can come from lies, the whisperings of an enemy who wants me to question my value and feel inadequate and worthless. 

Time is rushing past, and what is my life?

I have felt like a drifter, someone coasting along from day to day, hardly cognizant and certainly not purposeful in terms of eternal effect. Often I think of the end times, standing before God, and will there be anything to say about my life for Him?

I want to want my life to be wholly His, to be changed and used by Christ for His purposes and glory, but lately it has seemed like a distant want.

This role as a wife has felt little this week, and I have been believing the lie that it is. But then I read a blog post that wasn't exactly on this subject yet God spoke truth through it . . .

When we as women begin to love our men in a way that truly represents God and His church, perhaps we will make the impact we wish to see. [...] Make it known by your actions. Make it known by your life. Make it known by your marriage. What are you going to do that speaks to the world? How is your light going to shine? How are you going to impact the darkness?

Yes, your life right now, where I've placed you, has value, and purpose, by reflecting through your marriage Christ and the church, showing the world My love for you.

Yes, your life is worth a lot in the big picture, because it is the picture.



  1. Hi! I'm here from 5 minute Friday! I can't even tell you how I can relate to this post. My favorite was "yes, your life right now, where I've placed you has value and purpose..." Lean on His promises. Know that He sees you! There are no "little" roles in the kingdom!

    Glad to have made the connection. Be blessed this Good Friday!

  2. Thank you so much for posting this! So much truth!

  3. Our lives do have meaning and purpose but there are times we don't feel it so we just have to trust His word where He tells us over and over how much he loves us. (Visiting from FMF)