What Mama Did

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My little brother emails back, wondering if I like cooking every night and if it's ever hard to come up with ideas and concluding that we probably never gave our mom enough credit for that. And it brings tears to my heart to read the tender realization, knowing how he'll feel more and more the older he gets, acknowledging what was so long taken for granted . . .

My mama made meals.

She sat the family down at the big dinner table every night, after cooking and preparing while kids played and husband finished another work day and drove home, and we ate home cooked food, and then she cleaned and put away.

I didn't give her enough credit for those thousands of meals day after day, year after year.

I didn't give her enough credit for those thousands of instances of selflessness, and so many more.

Now I'm starting to realize, to acknowledge, what mama did: she lived putting others' interests before one's own.

She still does.



  1. Awww . . . BEAUTIFUL! And your mama is a gift!

    So neat to see your name as one of them with FMF! AND, I miss seeing you at church!

    Hugs, Mrs. S! :)

  2. That realization is a hard one as we get older because we realize how much we took her for granted. Your post honors her well.
    We're neighbors this week at FMF. :)

  3. I feel the same way. I grew up with an angry, bitter mom who lacked love, or compassion or anything soft or kind. It made me bitter and hurt and as crazy as it sounds, I still could have been grateful that my Mama did laundry and cooked and cleaned and put a roof over my head...when I became a Mother and I became a Daughter to the Most High, I learned we all make mistakes and all need grace and forgiveness...and that all things are for our good and for His glory. Nothing was wasted, and my childhood has made me the Mother I am today - the one I always wanted, and one who knows how easy it is to make mistakes and need grace. Stopping in from FMF - thank you for sharing...blessings, Danielle