This is the view from our hotel room.
Fun Fact: The building with a gold roof, on the far right middle, is where Peter's office is.

Today {right now it's actually Thursday morning, Feb. 28} is our last full day here; tomorrow we leave bright and early.

This week seems to have gone by much faster than last week, but regardless it's hard to believe ten days have already come and gone, not to mention they've been spent in another country. This has been quite the adventure. It hasn't necessarily been a piece of cake, but it has certainly been an experience of a lifetime, yet who knows what travel opportunities we may have again in the future.

Would I do a trip like this again? Yes!

Do I miss home? You betcha. Peter misses homemade food, and I miss cooking! {We miss knowing we're close to family, too, and look forward to seeing all of them.} I'll be glad to drive up to our little house amid piles of snow, walk into that little entryway, sit on our couch, and fall sleep in our own bed with {soft} pillows again.

And I'll be glad to open the blinds and see the familiar view from our bedroom window.

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