This past Sunday we went to church.

We have been able to explore and see and do so many interesting things so far and still have several more days in Singapore, but even so I know that Church is the neatest thing we were able to do here.

It was such an incredible and humbling experience singing and worshiping with hundreds of other believers halfway around the world.

God, You are higher than any other.

The pastor had a good message, as well, and one thing he said {just putting something more succinctly than I'd ever heard} has been going through my mind:
"Under the Law, uncleanness is contagious. But under grace, holiness is contagious."
      ~ Pastor Joseph Prince

In the Old Testament, lepers were "unclean" and social outcasts, and anyone who touched them became unclean also {Lev. 13}. But Jesus "reached out his hand and touched [a leper] [...and] immediately he was cured of his leprosy" {Mt. 8:3}.

Pastor Prince emphasized that because we, as believers, are under grace, and covered by Christ's righteousness, we should not fear the command to go into the world, as if its sin might infect us, but rather be bold in reaching the world for Christ.

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