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Oh Lord,
keep helping me to see grace in all the ordinary, to overflow with thanks in the mundane.

The jarring from sleep to the alarm clock going off, again,
waking up alive, getting enough sleep in a warm bed, a good morning kiss, a new day to embrace, a job to wake up early for, hot showers.

The lunch to pack and supper to plan and make, again,
a husband who works hard every day, provision for all we need and so much more, God's faithfulness, my own kitchen, food stocked in the pantry, fridge, and freezer.

The carpets and linoleum to vacuum, again,
a new home with beautiful functional flooring, a wedding-gift vacuum, straightening up lived-in spaces, crumbs under the table from homemade meals at home.

Another load of laundry and dishes to unload, again,
working appliances, time saved, clean clothes every day, closets, kitchen cupboards, dishes used to bake, cook, and eat.

Cleaning a bathroom grungy after just a week and only two people, again,
running water, toothbrushes and toothpaste, bathtubs, indoor plumbing, rugs on cold floors.



  1. Love it, reminders, giving thanks in all things. Thank you for sharing. Stopping in from FmF. Blessings! Danielle

  2. A good friend once told me to see folding laundry as a time for meditation and thanksgiving. It seemed like an odd statement to me, until she explained. Every item of clothing she holds in her hand, she says a prayer for the person it belongs to instead of grumbling about the work. Certainly changed my focus for the better. Great post!

  3. Thankyou for this post, it reminds i am not alone . I am stopping by from fmf!