Why does He keep giving when it's impossible to be adequately thankful?

I list gifts by the thousands, and still, flipping back through the reasons I have to be thankful, the moments of extraordinary grace in the ordinary everyday, I know that I barely scratch the surface.

I have been so blessed my entire life. Yet, the paradox is the more we're blessed, the easier it is to take for granted what we have, and we get used to having what we have and being able to do certain things that we've always done. Even the greatest gift of all, forgiveness, can become mundane. Sometimes it can be hard not to think of God's gifts as "normal" if they're familiar.

I want to always be being more conscious, all the time, of how blessed I am, and more thankful, remembering that
Every good and perfect gift is from above . . .
      ~ James 1:17

God gives into this imperfect world, into our imperfect lives and hearts, gives so generously, and we glimpse perfect. He provides perfectly and comforts perfectly, because He loves perfectly.

And the gifts are endless because so is the Giver.

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