Life is on high-speed forward, and I am so blessed to be right where I am.

I don't always like here.

Sometimes it's hard, sometimes it's relentless, sometimes it's heart-wrenching.

But while it isn't "easy" all the time, and there are situations that are frustrating that we are praying over right now, I am content and joy-filled here in this life I'm living, right where God has placed me.

Thanksgiving is a week away tomorrow, and I feel like God is giving us more than we can humanly be thankful for, and there are no words. Beyond tangible blessings, like my husband's job and our new home and heat kicking on as the weather turns cold and finding a sale on washer and dryer and finally being able to get the piano we picked out and touch heavenly ivory keys again . . . beyond food in the cupboards, beyond everything, there is the blessing of peace.

At times in my past, and even fairly recently, here has not always been peaceful. But God has given peace and above that joy, in the confidence that He will provide, and He has and He does.

I am thankful to be here.

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