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Thinking of what my home would be like used to be futuristic musings.

But now, I am a wife and homemaker, and there's a home to care for and establish. It has been two months, and I have loved every minute, but this word, welcome, now reminds me of past thoughts.

I want our home to be an "as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord" home. I want us to build our lives on God's promises, to obey Christ and in so doing build our house on rock, not sand.

I also want our home to be a place of joy and solitude, where people feel welcome. I want it to be place separated from modern-day worldliness and, instead, peaceful and heavenly-minded.

I want it to be like a contented sigh. 



  1. Great post, I would feel welcome in your home!

  2. I want it to be like a contented sigh... what a great word picture! Amen to that!!! What a blessing! I look forward to asking the Lord to help me cultivate that in my home as well! Blessings!!

  3. I loved your post. This is what I want my house to be like as well!