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I grew up and got married almost three months ago, moved away from my family and what had been "home" and normal for twenty-two years, and I didn't know what to expect. The months leading up to marriage were unlike any other anticipation because I couldn't imagine myself, couldn't imagine life as a married woman. The future was blank, to be filled with life when the time came, and a new normal written into it.

I am thankful I had no preconceived imaginings, or ideas, or expectations. I have loved being married from day one, and the "normal" that has developed is full of blessings and joy. I like living on our own, both experiencing that for the first time together, and now looking forward to moving to our first home in less than a week.

We still talk to our families on the phone, email, and are close enough to visit now and then. I am thankful for this, though I am thankful more that we moved away. Yesterday I talked with my Dad on the phone, and it was so good to hear his voice. It is the voice of the man who always protected me, loved me, and provided for me. I don't think that will ever change completely.

But now I hear my husband's voice, calling on his way home from work, or whispering I love you, or telling me his newest idea . . . and now someone's voice is the voice of the man who protects, loves, and provides for me.



  1. reading your story of his voice i smile shyly and nod empathy -- nothing quite like the voice of the someone God made just for us . . . thanks for sharing

  2. so beautiful. sounds like a great marriage....