{One-month} Anniversary

Joy is overflowing.

I am happy without trying to be, and without looking for it.

I have so much to be thankful for, and God is pouring out grace and life.

I don't believe it.

I had no idea what marriage would be like, but like a lot of things with God, I somehow wasn't expecting it this good, this blessed, this only-by-His-design.

So much has changed, and not a lot is different.

I'm married. I call my best friend "husband". We've moved to our apartment. I'm a wife, and I have made our place home, and I clean and cook for him, and have discovered Aldi. :) I have found a new part time job in the area to stay busy. Now we see our families just every once in awhile, and we have our parents over for dinner. We're looking for a new church. We're looking for a new house. We're doing life together, all the time, which is the best part . . . praying together at breakfast and as we drift to sleep.

But someone is still my best friend, as he has been for so many months, and I am his best friend. We still have fun doing what we always enjoyed together. And we're continuing our Tuesday nights, and generally learning what discipleship means in the twenty-first century as we have been since we first met. And I still don't worry that someone will always protect and care for me and work hard to provide for me, all that I need, because I know he'd give me the moon if he could. And we still love each other like crazy, and that always leaves me speechless.

It doesn't take much to realize this is all beyond myself, nothing of my own doing.

We have been married for one month today.

I don't believe it.

Sometimes God gives life that seems too good to be true . . . because it is: it's eternal life.

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